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ELITE i20 Live Premium
  • Excellent style and sportiness
  • Car beyond a hatchback
  • Premium interiors and hi-tech features

THE NEW 2017 ELITE i20
Fluidic Sculpture 2.0 philosophy proudly presents another ambitious design.
From fluid aesthetics to the modern appeal and premium interiors, nothing was compromised.
  • Radiator grille Radiator
  • Rear combination lamps Projector
  • Exterior color Rear combination
Radiator grille
Radiator grille

Feel the authority at just one glance. A
single-frame premium hexagonal grille,
the key styling element of ELITE i20, reflects a
unique masculine and bold look.

Rear combination lamps
Projector Headlamps

You will recognize the excellence because
you have the best taste. ELITE i20's wrap-around
automatic headlamps are not just No.1 in
style, but they're also No.1 in functionality.

Exterior color
Rear combination lamps

Unique and stylish, just like you. ELITE i20's
advanced 3-step wrap-around tail lamps
feature a wide and distinctive design,
providing optimal visibility and safety.

  • Radiator grille Radiator
  • Rear combination lamps Headlamps
  • Exterior color Rear combination
Radiator grille
Radiator grille

Feel the authority at just one glance. A
single-frame premium hexagonal grille,
the key styling element of ELITE i20, reflects a
unique masculine and bold look.

Rear combination lamps

You will recognize the excellence because
you have the best taste. ELITE i20's wrap-around
automatic headlamps are not just No.1 in
style, but they're also No.1 in functionality.

Exterior color
Rear combination lamps

Unique and stylish, just like you. Elite i20's
advanced 3-step wrap-around tail lamps
feature a wide and distinctive design,
providing optimal visibility and safety.

Stylish yet spacious

Ergonomic and dynamic design meets convenience, comfort, and space. Enjoy spacious, comfortable and fatigue-free
journeys with well cushioned seats offering good thigh & back support, ample storage space such as glove box,
cup holders and map pockets and much more for you to discover.


New 2017 ELITE i20 with the 'Fluidic Sculpture 2.0' design concept takes to the street
with utmost flair and excitement you'd expect from a stylish bold car
  • moreHood character lines
    moreRadiator grille
    moreProjector Headlamps
    • Hood character lines The hood sharp character lines, integrates with the front bumper enhancing the style quotient of the car.
    • Radiator grille The hexagonal shaped web grille has been adapted as one of the signature design elements for Hyundai's car line up. ELITE i20
      hexagonal grille with chrome element on boundary convey an image of style authority and sophistication for the exterior design.
    • Projector Headlamps The wrap-around headlamps in ELITE i20 project the best of style. They cast a brighter and longer light beam on the road.
      Allows the headlamps to be in ON condition for a limited time after the car is locked to illuminate the path if parked in dark condition.
  • moreAuto-folding ORVM with Welcome function
    moreC pillar
    • Auto-folding ORVM with Welcome function Aerodynamically sculpted stylishly-shaped body colored outside mirror repeaters features indicator to promote safer lane changes and increased visibility when turning. The outside mirrors automatically open & close when the car is unlocked / locked.
    • Wheels The stylish R16 diamond cut alloy wheels impart a sporty and dynamic appeal while increasing road grip.
    • C pillar The black color C pillars add a distinct visual and sporty element to the overall style of ELITE i20.
  • moreRear combination
    moreRear bumper
    • Rear combination lamps Curved to follow the bodywork where the rear meets the side of the car, the rear combination lamps feature a distinctive, stylish design to provide optimal visibility and safety in all weather conditions.
    • Rear bumper The rear bumper is designed on a dual tone theme with black bumper garnish at the bottom to further enhance the rear sporty appeal.

  • Front fog lamps
    Sporty fog lamps complements the 
    headlamps with a stylish, modern design and
    provides maximum penetration in foggy 
    driving conditions.

  • Waistline molding
    Distinctive looking black color side molding imparts sporty looks and prevents side scratches to the body.

  • Roof antenna
    The roof antenna optimizes the signal frequency for better audio output.

  • Rear wiper
    The rear wiper provides high wiping
    efficiency with optimum coverage of sweep area.

Everything you want within reach, all the info you need in a glance along with sheer style.
That's what you can enjoy while driving the New 2017 ELITE i20. Perfect ergonomics, top-quality material
and all the comforts to suit your every need offering a comfortable and sophisticated driving experience,
making the New 2017 ELITE i20 the premium hatchback.
FATC with Cluster ionizer

The full auto air conditioning system automatically
maintains the desired cabin temperature and
cluster ionizer generates ions to purify & deodorize
cabin for a healthier & pleasant ride.

17.77cm AVN System with Smartphone connectivity

The large touch responsive, smart AVN system will
change the way you drive. It is designed to be intuitive
and comes loaded with modes like you've never
experience before.

Manual tilt & telescopic
power steering wheel

The steering column features a telescopic as well
as a tilt adjustment as per convenience to ensure
the perfect driving position.

Supervision cluster
with color TFT LCD

The aesthetically designed cluster with its blue &
white illumination is soothing to the eye &
informative at the same time. It has an inbuilt
screen with multi information display ensuring
customized information for your convenience.

Seat folding system (6:4 type)

The seat folding system (6:4 type) provides the
versatility to customize both storage and cargo
space as per need.

Adjustable headrests

The front and rear headrests in ELITE i20 are height adjustable for maximum comfort.


ELITE i20 boasts of quite a generous luggage space
285 liters of when the rear seats are in place.


  • Driver’s Manual Adjustable Seat
    The feature helps adjust the driver’s seat manually for a customized driving position.

  • Cooled Glove box
    The spacious glove box comes with cooling function to keep beverages & confectionaries cool & refreshing.

  • Luggage lamp
    The feature activates with the opening of the boot lid and enables proper lighting in the boot area to help locate / put objects in night.

  • Storage system (seat pockets)
    Seamlessly integrated seat back pocket is purposeful in stocking books or magazines to keep you indulged.

  • Storage system (floor console)
    The armrest in the front provides support to arm & houses a generous storage box offering more convenience.

  • Storage system (cup holder)
    The front passengers can enjoy their favorite beverage while on the move ensuring fresh & fatigue free journeys.

  • Overhead console
    Conveniently located at the front map lamp, a safe place to keep your expensive shades.

Experience powerful and smooth driving with improved engine and transmissions
that incorporate cutting-edge technologies for minimal fuel consumption and more power.
  • 1.4 CRDi
    diesel engine

    The 1.4 CRDi engine is technologically advanced engine in the Hyundai diesel family. With a maximum power of 90 ps at 4,000 rpm, torque output of 22.4 kg·m and mated with 6 speed manual gear box, the engine has proven track record for its reliability, durability & powerful performance.

    Max. Power
    90 ps
    Max. Torque
    22.4 kg·m
  • 1.2 MPi
    petrol engine with dual VTVT

    The 1.2 MPi incorporates Dual variable valve timing (dual VTVT) offering optimum fuel efficiency and performance. With a maximum power of 83 ps at 6,000 rpm and a torque output of 11.7 kg·m, Elite i20 1.2 MPi gasoline engine is no slouch.

    Max. Power
    83 ps
    Max. Torque
    11.7 kg·m
  • 1.4 MPi
    Petrol engine with Dual VTVT

    The 1.4 MPi Automatic incorporates Dual variable valve timing (Dual VTVT) offering optimum fuel efficiency and performance. With a power of 100 ps at 6,000 and a torque output of 13.5 kg•m at 4,000 rpm makes the Elite i20 the ideal catch.

    Max. Power
    100 ps
    Max. Torque
    13.5 kg·m

  • 6-speed manual transmission
    The diesel variant of ELITE i20 offers 6-speed manual transmission.

  • 5-speed manual transmission
    The petrol variants of ELITE i20 offer light weight and a robust 5-speed manual transmission for smooth and accurate gearshifts.

  • Aerodynamic design
    The aerodynamic hood & tailgate design, lower roof lines & steeply raked windshield design, not only lend a sporty look but also enhances the vehicle aerodynamics by lowering the air resistance for improved handling & higher fuel efficiency.
The New 2017 ELITE i20
Because safety is non-negotiable, there was no compromise in designing all safety features in ELITE i20.
Anti-lock braking system (ABS)

The Anti- lock braking system (ABS) prevents skidding and retains the car steering
on slippery surfaces. It also enables stable braking and restricts wheel lock-up
during panic braking.

Anti-lock brake system (ABS)
6-airbag system

6-airbag system provides all-round protection. One for the driver, one for the front-seat passenger,
front and rear curtain airbags running the length of the cabin, plus front side airbags.

Driver and passenger airbags
Rear defogger

The feature removes the mist on rear windshield during foggy
conditions to ensure proper visibility of traffic from near.

6-airbag system

  • Auto Headlight control
    ELITE i20 offers automatic headlight control feature that automatically turns headlights ON at dusk and OFF at sunlight.

  • Auto Up/Down Power Window with Pinch Guard
    The power window adjustment control system automatically rolls down when an obstacle is detected, thereby offering advanced safety.

  • Smart pedal
    During simultaneous operation of the brakes & acceleration pedal, the smart pedal overrides the accelerator pedal & applies brake only.

To us, nothing should be more convenient than your car. The New 2017 ELITE i20 offers
all the convenience features you'd expect. In fact, it's more than you expected.
  • Steering wheel remote controls Multi-function steering wheel of ELITE i20 comes equipped
    with various controls just at your fingertips. Bluetooth

    Audio remote controlsThe driver can control the audio system from a switch on the left-hand spoke.

    Phone controlsHassle-free call operation is convenient and avoids distraction while driving.

    Supervision cluster settingsThe driver can see essential vehicle information & adjust the advanced cluster settings. 

  • Rear parking assist system (RPAS) On the activation of reverse gear, the sensors with their built in buzzer
    system alerts the driver about the proximity of rear obstacles.
  • Rear air ventilation system The rear air ventilation has been designed specifically to enhance rear
    passenger comfort with instant cooling during summers and heating during winters.

  • Touchscreen AVN The 17.77cm Touchscreen AVN with smart phone connectivity offers smart
    convenience features at your fingertips.

  • Rear parcel tray
    The tray adds to your convenience by giving more places to store books and small utility items.

  • Smart key & engine start / stop button
    Smart key adds to convenience & push button enables start and stop of the car with just a touch.

  • Storage system (map pockets)
    Aesthetically designed map pocket in front & rear is useful for keeping essential papers or magazines and offers a built in bottle holder.

  • Door armrest
    The multi-function front seat arm rest ensures convenient driving & rear door armrest provides perfect platform to the rear passengers for resting arms during long journeys.

  • One touch signal system
    Convenient one touch function to warn lane change intention to the rear traffic, hence ensuring safe driving.

  • Ticket holder
    A very innovative way of keeping those sundry cards / tickets without the hassle of missing them.

  • Steering Adaptive Parking Guidelines
    Rear camera parking guidelines are steering angle sensitive and curve as per the steering position to precisely guide the vehicle during complex congested parking space.


Choose a Engine
Overview Category
Product Label
Model Name
Engine Engine Label  
Displacement (cc)
Max. Speed (kph)
Max. Power Label (ps / rpm) 166 / 6,200
Max. Torque Label (kg·m / rpm) 20.1 / 4,600
Acceleration (0 - 100 kph) (seg)
Braking Distance (m)(100 - 0 kph)
Number of Cylinders
Valves of Cylinder
Bore Stroke
Compression Ratio
Transmission Transmission Type
Suspension Front
Steering Wheel System
Lock to Lock Turns
Turning Circle
Brake System
Brake Assist
Off Road Ability Approach Angle
Departure Angle
Ramp Over Brake Angle
Minimum Ground Clearance
Fuel Consumption Fuel Type
Fuel Consumption
(Urban / City) (liter / 100km)
Fuel Consumption
(Extra Urban / Highway) (liter / 100km)
Fuel Consumption
(Combined) (liter / 100km)
COsub2/sub Emission
(Combined) (g/km)
Fuel Tank Capacity ()
Exterior Overall Length (mm)
Overall Width (mm)
Overall Height (mm)
Wheel Base (mm)
Front Wheel Tread (mm)
Rear Wheel Tread (mm)
Front Over Hang (mm)
Rear Over Hang (mm)
Cargo Cargo Area (VDA; litre)
Weight Curb Weight(Lightest) (kg)
Curb Weight(Heaviest) (kg)
Gross Vehicle Weight (kg)
Wheels & Tires Front Wheels
Rear Wheels
Front Tires
Rear Tires
Images, engine specifications and information posted above may differ from region to region. All information and illustrations are based on data available at the time of publication and subject to change without notice. Please visit our regional homepage or dealer for more information.
    Era Magna Executive Magna AT Sportz Asta Asta(O)
ENGINE & TRIM PLAN              
1.2 Kappa Petrol with Dual VTVT (MT)    
1.4 Dual VTVT Petrol (AT)            
1.4 U2 CRDi Diesel (MT)    
Airbag Driver & Passenger S S S S S S
Side & Curtain - - - - - S
Anti-lock braking system (ABS)   - - - S S S
Parking Assist Reverse Parking Sensors - - - - S S
Rear Camera - - - - S S
Front Fog Lamps   - - - S S S
Automatic Headlamps   - - - - - S
Central locking (Door & Tailgate)   S S S S S S
Smart Pedal   S S S S S S
Impact Sensing Auto door unlock   S S S S S S
Speed Sensing Auto door lock   - - - - - S
Clutch lock   - - - - - S
Headlamp Escort Function   - - S S S S
Keyless Entry Foldable Key - - S S S -
Smart Key - - - - - S
Rear Defogger with Timer   - - - S S S
Seat belt pretensioners - Driver & Passenger   S S S S S S
Height Adjustable Seat Belt - Driver & Passenger   - - - - - S
Immobilizer   S S S S S S
Dual Horn   S S S S S S
Headlamps Standard Halogen S S S S S -
Projector Type - - - - - S
Cornering Lamps - - - - - S
LED DRL & Positioning Lamps - - - - - S
Front Grille Black S - - - - -
Black + Chrome - S S S S S
B pillar black out tape   S S S S S S
C pillar black finish   S S S S S S
Body Colored Bumpers S S S S S S
Outside Door Mirrors - S S S S S
Outside Door Handles - S S S S -
Dual tone rear bumper   S S S S S S
Waistline moulding  (Black)   - - - - - S
Turn Indicators on Outside Mirrors   - - - S S S
Chrome Outside Door Handles   - - - - - S
Full Wheel Covers   - S S S - -
Stylish Steel Wheel   - - - - S -
Alloy Wheels (Diamond cut)   - - - - Dual tone S
Roof Antenna   S S S S S S
Interior color Premium Dual Tone Beige & Black S S S S S S
Sporty Black with Orange inserts - - - - Dual tone -
Front & Rear Door Map Pockets   S S S S S S
Front Passenger Seat Back Pocket   S S S S S S
Rear Parcel Tray   - - S S S S
Metal Finish Inside Door Handles S S S S S S
Parking Lever Tip S S S S S S
Leather-wrapped Gear Knob   - - - - - S
Leather-wrapped Steering Wheel   - - - - - S
Sunglass holder   - - S S S S
Blue interior illumination   S S S S S S
Dual tripmeter   S S S S S S
Tachometer   S S S S S S
Digital Clock   S S S S S S
Warning & Indicators Gear Shift S S S S S S
Low Fuel S S S S S S
Door & Tailgate Ajar S S S S S S
Immobilizer S S S S S S
Driver Seatbelt Reminder S S S S S S
Advanced supervision Display Steering position reminder - - - - - S
Service reminder - - - - - S
Parking sensor display - - - - - S
Auto unlock function - - - - - S
IC Light adjustment (Rheostat)   - - - - - S
Front seat adjustable headrest   S S S S S S
Height adjustable driver seat   - - - S S S
Rear seat 60:40 split - - - - - S
Rear seat Headrests Integrated S S S S S -
Adjustable - - - - Dual tone S
Front center console armrest with storage   - S S S S S
17.77 cm Colour Touch screen Audio Video Navigation system   - - - - S S
Smartphone Connectivity - Apple Carplay, Android Auto & MirrorLink   - - - - S S
2-DIN Integrated Radio+MP3 Player   - S S S - -
Front & Rear Speakers   - S S S S S
Front & Rear Tweeters   - Front S S S S
Aux & USB Ports   - S S S S S
Bluetooth Connectivity   - - S S S S
Steering Wheel with Audio & Bluetooth Controls   - - S S S S
Push Button Start/Stop   - - - - - S
Power Windows Front S S S S S S
Timelag S S S S S S
Rear - S S S S S
Switch Illumination Driver side S S S S S S
Auto Up-Down (Driver only) - - - - - S
Pinch Guard (Driver only) - - - - - S
Air conditioning Manual S S S S - -
Fully Automatic - - - - S S
Cluster Ionizer - - - - S S
Motor Driven (Electric) Power Steering   S S S S S S
Rear AC vents   - S S S S S
Glovebox Cooling   - S S S S S
Tilt & Telescopic Steering   - - - - S S
Rear Wiper & Washer   - - - - - S
Clutch Footrest   S S S S S S
Passenger Vanity Mirror   - S S S S S
Power Outlet   S S S S S S
Theater dimming central room lamp   S S S S S S
Front map lamp   - - S S S S
Intermittent variable front wiper   S S S S S S
Lane change indicator   S S S S S S
Luggage Lamp   - - - - - S
Outside Mirrors Internally Adjustable S - - - - -
Electrically Adjustable - S S S S S
Electric folding + Auto folding - - - S S S
Welcome Function - - - - - S
Battery Saver   S S S S S S
S = Standard     O = Option

• Some of the equipments illustrated or described in the leaflet may not be supplied as standard equipment and may be available at extra cost.
• Hyundai Motor India reserves the right to change specifications and equipment without prior notice.
• The colour plates shown may vary slightly from the actual colours due to the limitations of the web image process.
• Please consult your dealer for full information and availability on colours and trim.

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