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Hyundai Continues Its ‘Blue Drive’ Push with CNG Hybrid Bus

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  • Hyundai introduces Korea's first CNG hybrid bus 'Blue-City'
  • Hyundai continues to introduce innovative eco-friendly models
  • Test fleet to begin operations in selected metropolitan areas from July


Hyundai Motor Company, South Korea's largest automaker, unveiled the nation's first CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) hybrid bus, 'Blue-City,' demonstrating its technological leadership in the field of eco-friendly vehicles. This is the first time a major automaker independently developed both the system and body for such a vehicle.

'Blue-City,' fully developed in Korea, is Hyundai's latest eco-friendly model that delivers better fuel efficiency with lower emissions by using a CNG engine and an electric motor. The hybrid bus is equipped with a G-CNG Engine that offers 177kW (240ps) and a 6-speed automated manual transmission, while its 60kW (82ps) highly-efficient electric motor and 3.8kWh lithium-polymer battery enable safe driving and efficient charging.

`Blue-City' meets and even exceeds the performance and efficiency of existing CNG buses: Despite cutting down the total number of fuel tanks to five from seven (total capacity of 770ℓ), `Blue-City' can still operate 340km on a single charge, which is equivalent to the existing CNG bus. Furthermore, while its climbing performance of 30 percent is similar to a conventional CNG bus, the maximum speed stands at 100km/h, which is ideal for a metro bus. The fuel efficiency of 'Blue-City' is about 30-40 percent higher than that of normal CNG buses, enabling metro bus operators to save costs.

In terms of CO₂ emissions, the CNG hybrid bus emits over 24 percent less CO₂ (equivalent to about 33 tons per year/vehicle) than a conventional CNG bus and 35 percent less than a diesel bus.

Since launching its eco-friendly sub-brand Blue Drive in 2008, Hyundai Motor has showcased a wide range of innovative eco-friendly models including hybrids, electric vehicles and fuel-cell electric vehicles such as the Avante LPi hybrid, the world's first LPi hybrid, and the Sonata gasoline hybrid. Last year Hyundai also delivered 30 full-speed electric vehicles badged as BlueOn to the government, as well as an electric metro bus named `Elec-City,' for test operations.

Hyundai will operate 30 test units of `Blue-City' in selected metropolitan areas from July, with plans to mass produce the vehicles in 2012. Hyundai will continue to expand its Blue Drive strategy and products to secure its position as a leading eco-friendly automaker.